Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment (TESTA) is an international education enhancement intervention based on robust research evidence.

TESTA responds to the pedagogic problem of fragmented and disconnected assessment across individual units of academic programmes. Through its programme-level approach, TESTA creates a picture of prevailing assessment patterns; measures conditions under which assessment supports deep learning; and suggests directions for real change. At more than fifty universities in the UK, Australia, India and Ireland, this research and change process has brought about more coherent assessment and curriculum design to the benefit of students’ learning.  

The University of Bristol is implementing TESTA with sixteen academic programmes across six faculties in 2019/20. Two researchers will lead the evidence-based change process – a fact-finding mission to understand the current state of play of unit and programme-wide assessment patterns. The data gathering process will involve programme leaders, teams, and students. Out of the data, the researchers will construct a compelling case study for discussion with the team, out of which the team will make evidence-based and educationally principled decisions about a stronger programme approach to assessment. Watch this space for more news about TESTA!

Our PVC-Education, Prof. Tansy Jessop, helped develop the programme with Prof. Graham Gibbs as part of a Natinal Teaching Fellowship project in 2009. Tansy will be leading the project in Bristol with the support of BILT and the curriculum enhancement team. Over the summer, Dr. Golam Jamil and Dr. Isabel Hopwood-Stephens joined the team as TESTA researchers and will soon be joined by two graduate interns to support in the research and some delivery of workshops and focus groups. They are also joined by Prof. Paul Wyatt, Prof. Nigel Savery, Prof. Alvin Birdi, Prof. Mark Allinson and Dr. Ash Tierney from BILT, who will be support the implementation of TESTA on programme. TESTA will be project managed by Elena Christie.

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