TESTA, or Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment, is an innovative educational intervention aimed at remodelling the assessment across a programme through three stages:

three stages of testa

The TESTA approach has been implemented across hundreds of programmes both in the UK and abroad and is currently being put into action across 30 programmes at the University of Bristol – some going through the ‘full TESTA’ and some on a fast-track version.  TESTA launched in 2009 through a National Teaching Fellowship project, led by Prof Tansy Jessop and Prof Graham Gibbs. 

We have four members of staff dedicated to this work, two researchers (Isabel Hopwood-Stephens and Golam Jamil) and two graduate researchers (Amy Donnelly and Krisztina Egeto-Szabo). You can learn about TESTA in more detail here or by visiting the TESTA website.

If you’d like your programme team to go through TESTA, please get in touch with BILT Director Sarah Davies.

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