We launched a new seminar series this year focussing on the theme 'Active Learning and Student Engagement'. All of our seminars are free to attend and staff and students are welcome. Whe the series re-starts you will be able to book tickets on our events page. Below are the events that were able to take place last year, along with additional resources if you're interested in the topic.

'21st Century Curriculum' with Simon Barrie from Western Sydney University. 

Watch a short summary of the 21C project.

21C Project website.

'Using emotional intelligence indicators to predict flourishing or languishing students' with Fabienne Vailes from the University of Bristol.

Watch the RePlay presentation.

Read Fabienne's blogs.

'Flipping the classroom' with Paul Wyatt from the University of Bristol.

Read BILT's 'flipped learning' resources.

HEA guidance on flipped learning.

paul presentation (PDF, 10,156kB) (and the accompanying video highlighting the importance of using good quality recording for pre-session materials). 

'Emotions in learning and teaching: poetic case studies' (workshop and seminar) with Kathleen M. Quinlan from the University of Kent.

Quinlan, K. (2016). How Emotion Matters in Four Key Relationships in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. College Teaching [Online] 64:101-111. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/87567555.2015.1088818

Quinlan, K. (2018). Emotion and moral purposes in higher education teaching: Poetic case examples of teacher experiences. Studies in Higher Education [Online]. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1080/03075079.2018.1458829  

Tickets for Spark Series events

When the series re-starts, tickets will be available on our Events page

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