About BILT

BILT was launched in June 2017 and has interacted with hundreds of academic staff since, hosting dozens of events and providing many grants to fund education initiatives in the University. 

The BILT team has grown significantly in this time; there is still a small core team, but are now joined by colleagues from the Academic Staff Development and CREATE team, two TESTA researchers, Academic Fellows and Senior Academic Developers and Student Fellows. Visit our Team page to find out more about BILT's structure. 

In line with the appointment of Tansy Jessop as PCV Education, BILT has reshaped its priorities to reflect those of the education strategy. These include:

Core BILT activities include:

  • Hosting events with internal and external speakers leading in their pedagogic field, as well as the Bristol Teaching Awards and Best of Bristol lecture series.
  • Disseminating good practice through a blog, podcast and online resource bank.
  • Collaborating and coproducing resources and  with students via our Student Fellows and other activities.
  • Providing grants and fellowships to develop educationally innovative projects.
  • Hosting learning communities to develop knowledge and practice in key areas.
  • Supporting programme teams in developing their curricula.

Further information about BILT's activities can be found by selecting options from the left-hand menu. 

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