Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching exists to support the University in providing its students with an education which is evidence-based, innovative and effective. It supports and promotes pedagogic innovation and research into all aspects of education and it hosts a number of activities and awards which promote and disseminate good practice.

BILT's activities include:

  • An educational seminar series with external and internal speakers
  • The production of innovative educational resources
  • Scholarly research
  • Publications
  • Case studies
  • Conferences
  • Support for local educational networks

BILT also provides grants to academics for scholarly work through its educational enhancement funds, and it supports the Bristol Teaching Awards.

BILT has a small, core team but draws its main intellectual resource by working with academics across the University through its academic fellowship and associateship schemes.

Further information can be found by selecting options from the left-hand menu. Additional information for staff about the Bristol Teaching Awards and educational enhancement funds can be found on our intranet site.

"There is nothing more worthwhile that one individual can give another, nothing better, than to teach well.”

Sir Jeremy Morse in his Installation speech, 1989 

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