BILT Reflections is a place where we share colleague's reflections on their own teaching and learning and their experience of trying something new. The guides below summarise their, and their students', experience.

Peer Observation of Feedback (PDF, 73kB) Dr Dawn Davies

A Collaborative Approach to Metabolism (PDF, 94kB) Dr Alice Robson

ESTLIS Conference (PDF, 40kB) Dr Emily Bell

Diversifying Assessment: Using Blog Posts as a Form of Assessment (PDF, 54kB) Dr Jess McCormack

e-marking as a tool for teachers and learners: evaluation of a GradeMark trial (PDF, 3,418kB) Dr Andy Wakefield (part of the '500 Words' series)

Pipe cleaners galore (PDF, 42kB) Dr Andrew Doherty (part of the '500 Words' series)

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We're always looking to share the work of colleagues in the University - if you have tried something different in your teaching and would like to share your experience with others, please email us

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