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I or me.

This can cause some problems and again, is easily sorted.

If we can get a little grammatical here, I should be used when it is the subject of the sentence, that is the person doing the verb. Me should be used for the object of the sentence either direct or indirect.

A good test as to which one to use is to think which one would be used if the other person were not included in the sentence.

These are the kinds of situations where there could be a problem deciding whether to use I or me.

The situation was awful for Paul and me. (...was awful for me.)

Paul and I were out strolling along the seafront when the ship sank. (I was out...)

She asked if she could come out with Julia and me. (...come out with me.)

Julia and I were very pleased to have her along. (I was very pleased...)

She thought she'd seen Jane and me. (...she'd seen me.)

My best friend and I are off to India at the end of the month. (I am off ...)

Imagine that the other person or people are not included in the sentence. It should then be obvious whether to use I or me.

Test your understanding of I and me with this exercise.