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A Guide to Using these Exercises

The following pages of explanation and the accompanying exercises are intended to form a comprehensive guide to using English grammar and avoiding the most common mistakes. They are geared to the writing of formal academic essays and the type of language expected in such situations.

It is perfectly possible to work systematically through the explanations and exercises. It is more likely that you will want to brush up on a particular point of grammar rather than go through all the exercises in turn.

Each point of grammar has an explanation and a related exercise or exercises. The explanation sections contain several examples. The examples are all presented on a blue background.

The examples all look like this.

The pages have been designed to make it easy to navigate your way to the sections that are most relevant for you. You can use the index at the side of each page to find the point of grammar you need to revise. The pages all have links so it is easy to navigate from the explanation to the related exercise and back from the exercise to the explanation.