West End spectacular theatre and its Parisian influences, 1866–1900

3 November 2020, 4.30 PM - 3 November 2020, 6.00 PM

Tommaso Sabbatini, University of Bristol Chair: Sarah Hibberd


Tommaso Sabbatini has recently completed a doctoral dissertation on féerie, the French fairy play, in the last third of the nineteenth century. He is currently a Newton International Fellow at Bristol, where he is investigating the exchanges and parallels between Parisian féerie and late Victorian theatre in London. The project aims at bringing a fresh perspective, informed by a musicological approach and a cross-Channel framework, to relatively familiar objects such as the Drury Lane Christmas pantomimes and the Gaiety full-length burlesques, normally perceived as quintessentially English. 

Tommaso will expose some of his findings and takeaways from his frequentation of nineteenth-century Parisian commercial theatre with music, in particular the relationship among repertoires, the theatre industry, and urban geography, and discuss the potential benefits of applying them in his work in progress on London.


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For further information, please email sarah.hibberd@bristol.ac.uk

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