Philosophy Research Seminar - Dr Joe Saunders

14 November 2019, 2.00 PM - 14 November 2019, 3.30 PM

Dr Joe Saunders (University of Durham)

G2, Cotham House

What's Wrong with the Master?

In his influential master-slave dialectic, Hegel looks to demonstrate that being a master is self-defeating. The master seeks genuine recognition from another, but does not get this from their slave. The recognition their slave provides is “one-sided and unequal” (PS, §191, p. 114), and thus Hegel claims that mastery undermines itself.
In this paper, I put some pressure on Hegel’s dialectic. Amongst other things, I argue that what is primarily wrong with the master is the fact they are a slave-master, not that they somehow fail on their own terms.


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