Philosophy Research Seminar - Dr Carlo Nicolai

2 May 2019, 2.00 PM - 2 May 2019, 3.30 PM

Dr Carlo Nicolai, King's College, London

G2 Cotham House

Fix, Express, Quantify. Disquotation after its Logic

Truth-theoretic deflationism holds that truth is simple, and yet that it can fulfil many useful logico-linguistic roles. Deflationism focuses on axioms for truth: There is no reduction of the notion of truth to more fundamental ones such as sets or higher-order quantifiers.

In this paper I argue that the fundamental properties of reasonable, primitive truth predicates are incompatible with the core tenets of classical truth-theoretic deflationism.

The label `deflationism' can certainly be employed to characterise a cluster of formal and philosophical approaches that take truth to be primitive. However, this has little to do with the original aims of the deflationary theory of truth.


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