Teaching Early Modern Philosophy of Science 2019

27 March 2019, 9.00 AM - 19 March 2019, 6.30 PM

Woodland Road 10, G 4/5 (morning) G.16, Cotham House (afternoon)

A great chasm of knowledge and skills exists between practitioners and students of the history of philosophy, history of science, and history of the philosophy of science.

Especially when these disciplines centre on the early modern period, we find a gap between linguistic competences (Latin, French, German, Italian), mathematical and scientific competences (geometry, physical mathematics, physics), and historiographical competences (reading skills, methods in archival research).

Practitioners may be excellent researchers but face immense difficulty in developing pedagogical tools to facilitate the development of these competences within the fields of history of philosophy and science.

TEMPOS 2019 aims to address these urgent but under-examined aspects of teaching history and philosophy of science, with a special focus on early modern philosophy of science and metaphysics.

Event programme

9-9.15am Welcome Introduction to the project: Kirsten Walsh, Tzuchien Tho

9.15-10.30am Round table discussion 1, Teaching science and metaphysics to non-science undergrads: Karim Thebalt, James Ladyman (Chaired by Adrian Currie)

11am-12.15pm Round table discussion 2, Technologies and techniques for the history of science: Haileigh Robertson, Neil McDonnell (Chaired by Adrian Currie)

12.15-1.30pm (Lunch break)

1.30-2.45pm Round table discussion 3, Teaching with alternative narratives: Kenny Pearce, Tzuchien Tho, Martin Sticker (Chaired by Adrian Currie)

3.15-4.30pm Round table discussion 4, Engaging with historical texts: Chris Lindsay, Kirsten Walsh (Chaired by Adrian Currie)

4.30-5pm Wrap-up Future directions of the project: Kirsten Walsh, Tzuchien Tho

5-5.30pm (Break & Walk)

5.30-6.30pm Virtual Reality demonstration: Neil McDonnell (Location: Bristol VR Lab, Leadworks, Anchor Square, Bristol BS1 5DB)


Contact information

For any changes to the event schedule, please see the live programme.

Any questions can be directed to Tzuchien Tho at tt17255@bristol.ac.uk.

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