Dr. Peter Dent, ''The Beholder is in the Image': Thomas Puttfarken, Titian and Privileged Points of View'

30 April 2019, 3.15 PM - 30 April 2019, 4.45 PM

Dr. Peter Dent

34 Tyndalls Park Road, G.01

This paper picks up on some ideas raised by the art historian Thomas Puttfarken about the implied location of viewers in relation to works of art, in particular Titian's Pesaro altarpiece from the Frari in Venice. After reviewing Puttfarken’s discussion of the altarpiece and drawing attention to some of the implications of this composition for the beholder, I intend to broaden the discussion to consider the tradition of actual and imagined points of view implied in earlier Italian images. In reviewing this tradition, I will pay particular attention to the question of how such images generate privileged points of view, or 'rewarded positions', by addressing some beholders and, by implication, excluding others.

Part of a series of research seminars from the Department of History of Art, School of Humanities.

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