Scene Not Heard

14 February 2018, 7.30 PM - 14 February 2018, 10.00 PM

Wickham Theatre, University of Bristol Department of Theatre, Cantocks Close, Bristol BS8 1UP

Madam Renards present

Scene Not Heard

A Double Bill of theatre by award-winning Swindon playwright Matt Fox.

Lady Killers

Lady Killers is not based on the Ealing Comedy film of 1955, nor the 2004 US adaptation with Tom Hanks, nor any other derivative of this title. This piece is dark and stark in three vignettes: listen up as a cold-blooded assassin, a victim seeking the ultimate revenge and a mother forced into an agonising decision bare their souls and 'fess up. As the Lady Killers speak their mind, the audience will be forced to reconsider society's views on crime and punishment, and what it means to end a life. This stark piece of theatre has been presented throughout the UK and US, and left a distinct chill in the spines of everyone in its path.


Everyone knows being a soldier is hard. Everyone knows that warfare is nasty...but if you've never seen a dismembered body up close then you can't possibly, truly understand. For those who've witnessed the worst things imaginable, the world can never be the same again; and for those that haven't...the least we can do is listen. Matt Fox's new monologue is a stark, brutal and savagely honest exploration of what modern warfare really means.

Tickets £10 / £5 concessions




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0117 3315088

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