'Handle with Care': Literature, Archaeology, Slavery - Dr Josie Gill (Bristol)

12 December 2018, 3.15 PM - 12 December 2018, 4.45 PM

Dr Josie Gill (University of Bristol)

Cotham House, G2

Modern Britain Research Cluster and Centre for Black Humanities Lecture
Dr Josie Gill (University of Bristol)
'Handle with Care': Literature, Archaeology, Slavery - Josie Gill (University of Bristol)
This paper will explore the relationship between literary and bioarchaeological approaches to slavery, examining how the methods and priorities of each discipline might inform the other in understanding what it was like to be enslaved. It offers an account of an interdisciplinary research project which brought together a literary scholar, two archaeological scientists and seven creative writers to explore how writing might not only communicate a history primarily understood through archaeological evidence, but could itself inform approaches to that evidence. 


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