Migrations, Institutions, and Intimate Lives: New Agendas in the History of Migration and Gender

13 April 2018, 9.00 AM - 14 April 2018, 4.00 PM

Sumita Mukherjee

Lecture Room 1, Arts Complex

Migrations, Institutions, and Intimate Lives: New Agendas in the History of Migration and Gender

Symposium, University of Bristol, 13-14 April 2018

Venue: Lecture Room 1, Arts Complex, 3/5 Woodland Road, University of Bristol, BS8 1TB

Friday April 13 

9.00 Foreword  Sumita Mukherjee (University of Bristol) and Manuela Martini (University of Lyon 2-LARHRA)

9.15-10.45 Policies/international migration regimes  I (chaired Natasha Carver, Cardiff)

Zain Lakhani, Female Refugees and the Forgotten Policy of Sexual Harm (University of Pennsylvania)

Radhika Natarajan, Public Intimacy: Pansy Jeffrey and the Politics of Migrant Welfare (Reed College, Oregon)

Elise Franklin,  Integrating the Muslim Family:  Gendering Migration after Algerian Independence (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

10.45-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.50 Policies/international migration regimes II

Linda Guerry, Rationalize Migration and Preserve Family Unity. The International Labor Office and Migration of Families in the 1920s and 1930s  (LARHRA, Lyon)

Theresa Johnsson, ‘Last Winter Dad and Mum came and Fetched me but we Have not Been Home Yet’: Migration Control and the Intimate Lives of Romani People in Sweden c. 1800-1850  (University of Uppsala)

11.50-12.40 Concepts and categories

Francesca Biancani, Gender, Mobility and Cosmopolitism (Bologna University and CEDEJ-IFAO, Cairo)

Anne Rees, Sojourns: A New Category of Female Mobility (La Trobe University-Victoria, Australia)

12.40-1.30 Lunch

1.30-3.00 Family relations across the borders (chaired Josie McLellan, Bristol)

Bart Lambert, Female Fortunes in a Transnational World: Immigrant Women in England during the Later Middle Ages (University of York)

Husseina Dinani, “I didn’t Marry Many Times—I Only Had Six Husbands”: Marital Instability, Women’s Mobility and the Political Economy of Cash-Crops and Wage Labor in post-WWII Southern Tanganyika (University of Toronto)

Wendy Matsumura, The Expansion of Empire, Migration and the Reconfiguration of the Family-household Nexus in Interwar Okinawa (University of California San Diego)

3.00-3.15 Coffee break

3.15-5.00 Ethnicity (chaired Su Lin Lewis, Bristol)

Ceyda Karamursel, Unlikely Migrants: Notes on Being Black, Greek, and an Apostate in the Reform Era Ottoman Middle East (SOAS, University of London)

Fabrice Langrognet, “In the Heat of the Ovens: Gender and Ethnicity among the Migrant Workers of the Plaine-Saint-Denis Glasswork Factory, 1880-1920 (University of Cambridge)

Allison Wells, The Intimate and the Imperial: Migration and Interracial Relationships between the U.S. and the Philippines (University of Iowa)

Yves Denechère, Intimate Experiences and Personal Development of Eurasian Girls sent to France at the End of the Indochina War (University of Angers-TEMOS)

Dinner (venue and details tbc)

Saturday April 14

9-10.30 Religious institutions and transnational paths

Rafaela Acevedo-Field, The Role of Converso Women of the Portuguese Nation in Early Modern Transatlantic Merchant Networks (Whitworth University - Spokane, Washington)

Nada Zecevic, The Negotiating Mendicants: the Nuns of the Monastery of St. Chiara in Copertino and the Integration of the Castrioti Family to the Italian South (16th – 17th c.) (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Silke Muylaert, Exile, Sexuality, and Gender in England’s Stranger Churches, 1559-1603 (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

10.30-10.45 Break

10.45-11.45 Sexual trades

Marie Grace Brown, The Marriage Racket: Administering Domesticity in Imperial Sudan (University of Kansas)

Yukari Takai, The Sale, Purchase, and Brokerage of Issei Wives (University of Windsor)

11.45-12.45 Lunch

12.45-2.15 Labour, migration and family life I

Franca Iacovetta, Gender, Intimacy and Intrusion: Pluralist Social Workers and Immigrant Families in Crisis (University of Toronto)

Kateryna Burkush, Migration and Masculinity in Rural Russia (EUI Florence)

Beatrice Zucca Micheletto, Migrants Women and Men between Norms and Practices in Pre-industrial Turin (University of Cambridge)

2.15-2.35 Break

2.35-3.35 Labour, migration and family life II

Teresa Bernardi and Matteo Pompermaier, Mobility and Identification within Urban Spaces: Lodging Houses in Early Modern Venice (Scuola Normale, Pisa and University of  Rouen).

Thomas Verbruggen, The Migration and Settlement strategies of Foreign Domestic Servants Moving to Antwerp and Brussels (1850-1910) (Antwerp University)

3.35-4.00 Final Thoughts

Manuela Martini (University of Lyon 2-LARHRA) and Sumita Mukherjee (University of Bristol)


With thanks to the financial support from Wiley-Blackwell publishers, the Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes-UMR 5190, the University of Bristol Faculty of Arts, and the University of Bristol Institute for Migration and Mobility Studies

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