Analysing Linguistic Variation in Bilingual Speech Communities: Perspectives from Wales

7 December 2017, 5.15 PM - 7 December 2017, 6.15 PM

Dr Jonathan Morris (University of Cardiff)

Lecture Room 8, 21 Woodland Road

Despite an increasing number of studies which examine bilingual speech communities, there has been surprisingly little work in variationist sociolinguistics which considers the interaction between the two languages in a bilingual speaker’s repertoire. This paper examines the bi-directional transfer of phonological features in the Welsh and English of bilingual speakers.

The first part of the paper examines variation in the production of /r/ in the Welsh and English speech of bilinguals from two towns in north Wales.

In the second part of the paper, I present results from a recent study which examined listeners’ perceptions of Welsh-accented English. In the discussion, I assert that examining both the socio-indexical meaning of features associated with both languages in such communities on the one hand, and contextual variation and individual attitudes on the other hand, may be key to our understanding of variation in the bilingual speaker’s repertoire.

All welcome and the seminar is followed by refreshments.

This seminar is part of the Linguistics Colloquium Series.

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