Dr Henry Daniel, Simon Fraser University

16 November 2016, 3.45 PM - 16 November 2016, 6.00 PM

The Lecture Room, Department of Theatre, Vandyck Building, Cantocks Close.

You are warmly invited to join us for a research seminar

Dr Henry Daniel, Simon Fraser University
IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor, University of Bristol


You are not here to choreograph; you are here to write 80,000 words…

This is all wonderful but what about your choreography?


This research presentation attempts to situate a trajectory of work that is trans-disciplinary and trans-national in context. It locates the researcher between two multi-year research/creation projects; “Project Barca: New Architectures of Memory and Identity (2011-2014) – otherwise known as Going West to Find East/Going East to Find West, and Contemporary Nomads (2016-2021), a new initiative that responds to the current and unprecedented migratory movement of large groups of people world-wide. It claims that although we are all well aware of the current refugee crisis that’s been posing enormous problems for countries all across Europe, we seem to have lost track of the fact that this is part of a much larger phenomenon that has been playing itself out through years of colonization, de-colonization and re-colonization. The title You are not here to choreograph marks the beginning of a journey that has concerned itself with issues far beyond writing. In travelling ‘west’ to find ‘east’ and then the other way around, it has taken its viewers, listeners, and readers through a maze of seemingly unrelated ideas, finally coming face to face with a complex idea enshrined in Contemporary Nomads. This new research project promises to explore the dynamic maps that are constantly being performed and transformed through our bodies, maps with specific cortical and cartographic correlates that form the terrain of our socio-economic, cultural, and political lives.

Dr Henry Daniel is Professor of Dance and Performance Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He is a scholar, performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Full Performing Bodies, a group he initially founded in the UK. Daniel’s research concentrates on strengthening notions of Practice-as-Research, Arts-based Research, or Research/Creation in Canada. He began his career as an actor with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop and was a founding member of Astor Johnson's Repertory Dance Theatre of Trinidad and Tobago. In the USA he was a member of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre Workshop, Pearl Primus African American Dance Company, the Bernhard Ballet, and soloist with the José Limón Dance Company of New York. In Germany he founded and directed Henry Daniel and Dancers while continuing to work as a member of TanzProject München, Tanztheater Freiburg, and Assistant Director, Choreographer, and Dancer for Tanztheater Münster with Birgitta Trommler.

Website: www.henrydaniel.ca/

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