Christianson Lecture

8 March 2016, 5.15 PM - 8 March 2016, 7.00 PM

Professor Bill Marshall, University of Stirling

Lecture Theatre 3, 17 Woodland Road

The 2016 Christianson Lecture is 'French Atlantic Cities in Translation'.

This lecture takes off from previous work on the French Atlantic and combines this with insights by Montreal scholar Sherry Simon on 'cities in translation'. Taking the cases of nineteenth-century New Orleans and Montevideo,  it will track the specific workings of translation that shed light on both the particularity of those sites and also on those aspects of transoceanic exchange and transformation which in these urban contexts invent new forms and question old orthodoxies. The lecture will include discussion of Sidonie de la Houssaye, Victor Séjour, Lautréamont, Julia Kristeva and Jacques Rancière.

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