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Prof. Shaw-Miller gives keynote at Toronto Conference

2 October 2016

Professor Simon Shaw-Miller gives keynote lecture at CONFLUENCES, CONNECTIONS, AND CORRESPONDENCES: Music and Visual Culture Conference (University of Toronto, October 13-14, 2016)

The Modernist Musical Motive: Kandinsky and Duchamp

Prof. Simon Shaw-Miller
Friday, October 14th 2016
9.00am to 10.05am
Emmanuel College Room 302 (3rd floor)
75 Queens Park Crescent E, Toronto, ON M5S 2C4 Canada
This talk considers the idea of music at the birth of modernism in the contrasting conceptions of two artists.
I pose the question (also asked by Jean Luc Nancy) ‘why are there several arts and not just one?’ not simply to answer it, so much as to explore some of its implications. I do this historically by looking at the year 1913 and the impact of the idea of music on the work of two artists key to 20th-century modernism, Kandinsky and Duchamp. Through an understanding of what music signified to these two different artists we can unpick my initial question and perceive the intimate interconnections between art and music, the singular and the plural, the pure and the mixed, and, in passing, modernism and bicycles.

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