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'Digging Warhorse'

5 November 2015

'Digging Warhorse' Wins Heritage 2015 Award and Silver Otter Trophy

Forming part of events last year to commemorate the start of the First World War, 'Digging Warhorse' has since been announced as the winner of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Heritage and Sanctuary Award 2015 (Silver Otter Trophy) for Best Environment Work on MoD estates.

Directed by Richard Osgood, MoD Senior Historic Adviser, and Dr Julian Richards, 'Digging Warhorse' was run jointly between the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and 'Operational Nightingale'( and saw Dr Philip Rowe from this Department offering professional archaeological help and assistance to students from local primary schools as well as veterans injured on 'active service' throughout his week on site (

Aimed at discovering how and where the huge number of horses and mules that hauled weaponry, stores and personnel to and from the front line were cared for on Salisbury Plain, Dr Rowe's involvement has helped raise awareness of, and aspirations to, higher education and archaeology, with an open day allowing the public to engage with the legacy of the First World War, artefact handling as well as how to go about researching the home front, forging as a result a stronger link between the university, local communities as well as the armed forces.

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