We use interviews to assess your suitability for a course, but they are also a great opportunity for you to find out if your chosen subject is right for you.

With some careful preparation all should be fine on the day, and to help, we've created an interviews factsheet (PDF, 65kB) full of hints and tips!

We send interview invitations out by email so make sure you regularly check the email address provided on your UCAS form. If you have been invited to an interview, we recommend that you read our booking guide (PDF, 582kB).

Courses which always interview

The following courses always interview applicants before making an offer as careers in these areas require strong interpersonal skills. Select your subject from the list below to find out what to expect if you are invited to interview:

Other Interviews

You may be asked to interview for a course which does not usually interview applicants if:

  • you have non-traditional qualifications; 
  • you have been out of mainstream education for some time.

If you have been invited to an individual interview please choose your subject from the list below:

Female student in a library
Student in the library.

Getting to Bristol

Information about getting to Bristol can be found on our maps and travel information page.

Need help with the cost of getting here?

We offer a means-tested travel bursary to help with the cost of getting to interviews, departmental open days and post-offer visit days.

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