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Centre for Applied Anatomists present the 'Frankenatomy' Show at the Cheltenham Science Festival

28 June 2017

What do a ballerina and a horse have in common? How is a predator’s skull adapted for hunting?

These fascinating questions and more were answered by our team of talented anatomists (academic and technical staff) from the Centre for Applied Anatomy.  

Led by Dr Sarah Gosling, the anatomists achieved huge success at the Cheltenham Science Fair presenting an exciting and engaging programme that commenced on Tuesday with the team running 3 Anatomy Zoo and Skeleton Zoo workshops to 124 school children (11-12 year olds) and 2 workshops to 43 adults and families.  

The programme finale on Wednesday saw the team of mad anatomists putting on the Frankenatomy show, an adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 200 years to an engaged and very excited audience of 680 7-11 year olds.

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