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Recent grants awarded

Recent successes in gaining prestigious grant funding

Members of the Department continue to be successful in obtaining funding for their research. Several major grants that have been awarded recently are:

  • Dr Mike Adams - £134,307 from Action Medical Research to study creep deformation of human vertabrae.
  • Dr Oleg Glebov - a Beit Memorial Fellowship of £133,400 to work in Prof Jeremy Henley's lab.
  • Prof Jeremy Henley - a European Research Council grant of £1,992,433 to study sumolation in the brain.
  • Dr Jon Hanley - £185,160 from the Wellcome Trust to carry out work on the regulation of dendritic spine morphology by PICK1.
  • Dr Jack Mellor - a Wellcome Trust grant of £256,249 to investigate the role of sumoylation in synaptic kainate receptor plasticity.