Nonesuch magazine - May 2018

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The legacy of Physics lives on

In a year when we’re celebrating 100 years of some women getting the vote in the UK, Nonesuch takes a look at pioneering women in the School of Physics.

Back to the future: reinventing libraries

Traditional notions of libraries are changing. The University has announced plans for a new £80 million library to be built at the heart of the Clifton campus – we’ve collected opinions on the future of university libraries.

Cybersecurity: Humankind vs machine

Specialist researchers at Bristol are investigating the security of systems and the inputs required from human users.

Virtual touch

Alumnus Dr Tom Carter (PhD 2017), CTO and co-founder of technology firm Ultrahaptics, tells us about touching things that aren’t there.

Bristol’s pursuit of film excellence

Nonesuch takes a look at what the city and the University are contributing to the world of cinema and television in the digital age.

Futuristic healthcare

Biologist Sara Correia Carreira plans to build robotic skin, conducting research into the combination of robotics with bioengineering – just one of the ground-breaking projects being investigated by the first cohort of Vice-Chancellor’s Fellows.

Spotlight on: Goh Siu Lin (LLB 1993), Malaysia

Goh Siu Lin (LLB 1993) takes us on a journey from Bristol to Malaysia, showing us how she got to where she is today as the first woman to become Chairman on the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee.