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Timinology by Tim Leach (LLB 2006)

8 February 2018

How a near fatal skiing accident and an introduction to meditation through a dating guru changed Tim Leach’s life

On 10 February 2007, Tim Leach’s life changed forever when a freak skiing accident almost killed him. Until that point, he had planned on becoming a lawyer and was filling the time after completing his degree living a care-free existence. However, the skiing accident and, further down the road, signing up with a dating expert in the hope of finding true love, completely changed the course of his life forever.

By being introduced to meditation and adopting some basic tools for life – involving simply becoming kinder to both himself and others - Tim has found happiness. He’s now ready to share what he’s discovered with his book, Timinology (to be published on Monday 12 March 2018; to coincide with Brain Awareness Week, 12-19 March 2018).

Timinology is my approach to leading a happier life; no matter what life throws at you,” says Tim. “We all have demons, with many of us not having the tools to face them. My aim with Timinology is that by reading about my experiences, you can use some of the lessons that have enabled me to be happy as invaluable armoury to conquer your own demons.”

Tim Leach lives in London and offers a life consultancy service; he runs eight-week mindfulness courses and also gives talks to students, teachers and parents about living a happier life. @TiminologyTim

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For more information about Tim and Timinology, visit You can also  pre-ordered the book on Amazon.