Polska Dotty: Carp in the Bathtub, Throttled Buglers, and other Tales of an Englishman in Poland by Jonathan Lipman (LLB 1989)

Are you travelling to Poland and wish to know more about the Poles you’ll encounter?  Have you ever wondered what makes your Polish plumber or cleaner or waitress tick?  Are you fascinated by this country of forty million - one of the most visited countries in the world - rich in natural beauty, cultured, and famous for its people’s wanderlust?  What book do you pick for background and insight?  A superficial travel guide?  A dry history book?  No!  You need the genre-busting Polska Dotty. 

Employing themed chapters (“Customer Service”, “Work and Entrepreneurs”, “The Polish Character”), it follows the hilarious story of a newlywed English lad and Polish girl from their wedding in Krakow through two succeeding years based in Warsaw.  It takes an intelligent approach, mixing amusing anecdote with fact to inform about all aspects of Polish society including its history, politics, religion, language, work ethic, and family values.  It sets off for the heart of Poland, and on the way offers an education on the Polish condition like no other. 

Polska Dotty is a funny, heartfelt, sparkling read, a touching portrayal of an Englishman’s integration into Polish life.

This book is now available to purchase in paperback online here.