News in 2011

2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse (Equinox Publishing, 2011) By Dr Joseph Gelfer (BA, 1995)

16 December 2011

December 21 2012 is believed to mark the end of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Mayan calendar. A growing number of people believe this date to mark the end of the world or, at the very least, the end of the world as we know it: a shift to a new form of global consciousness.

Did you graduate from Bristol between 1 January 2011 and 31 July 2011?

24 November 2011

Every year we contact all those who have recently completed a course at the University of Bristol to take part in a survey to find out what they are doing after they leave. This survey is part of a national one, which every UK higher education institution contributes to, but the information provided is also very useful to us at Bristol to inform current and prospective students about available opportunities.

Choir on the hill

23 November 2011

Alice Woodward (BSc Biology 2010) has recently moved to London, and is setting up a new choir in Notting Hill called "Choir on the Hill". Already in the choir are many Bristol graduates who sang in the University of Bristol Chamber Choir. 'Choir on the Hill' is a new fun, un-auditioned choir for people aged 18-35. With a focus on singing both classical and more modern pieces, this is also an opportunity to perform occasionally, have fun and meet new friends. You don't have to be an experienced singer but if you know how to read music it would help. Singers of all standards welcome.

The Best of Bristol Lectures

23 November 2011

Inspirational lunchtime talks from some of the University of Bristol’s finest lecturers

More Morello Letters: Pen Pal to the Super Stars by Duncan McNair (LLB 1978)

23 November 2011

Duncan McNair's (LLB 1978) first book The Morello Letters was heralded by WH Smiths as the funniest book in over 30 years and reached No 1 in Amazon for humour parody. The sequel, More Morello Letters - Pen pal to the super stars, is receiving similar stellar reviews everywhere and is named by the broadcaster Jon Snow as "the funniest book I have ever read". Read some hilarious sample letters from the discombobulous Morello family to the great and the good, and the genuine replies, at

William Morris' (BA 1994) debut at the Festival of the Voice

18 November 2011

William Morris (BA 1994), has been commissioned by Kingston Arts Council to compose a piece of music for the Kingston Festival of the Voice 2011. The piece called "Ring out, Ye Crystal Spheres", was written to combine both the classical theme of the Festival and Christ the King.

The Morello Letters: Pen Pal to the Stars by Duncan McNair (LLB 1978)

11 November 2011

A collection of hilarious letters sent to the great and good of British society. Mr. Morello is a slightly confused, pear-shaped forty-five year old Italian immigrant living with his larger, plump wife Mrs. Morello and three children -- Tosti, Amphora and Rizzo -- in that most salubrious of London suburbs: Ealing. As a family, they share a curious fondness for all things British and yet by dint of their Italian heritage, struggle to come to terms with some of our more esoteric characteristics.

Were you a med student in 1972?

10 November 2011

Time2Share, originally called Bristol Family Support Service, is celebrating its 40th birthday next year and is looking to find the original founders to help it celebrate.

Alumnus' signature will become the most collectable in the country

3 November 2011

Chris Salmon (BSc 1990) is Executive Director, and Banking & Chief Cashier for the Bank of England. This week the new £50 note was issued and features Mr Salmon's signature, which without it, the bank note would not be legal tender.

George Ferguson becomes part of the Students’ Union’s future

2 November 2011

Highly-regarded Bristol architect George Ferguson CBE, PPRIBA, RWA is to return to the University where he learnt his trade, this time in an advisory role to the Students’ Union.