Share your experience

Share your experience and inspire the next generation, by creating an Alumni Profile, helping offer holders online, or representing Bristol at open days and offer holder events.

Create an Alumni Profile and inspire others

Creating an Alumni Profile on Bristol Connects allows you to provide current students, recent graduates and alumni with ideas and inspiration for their professional path. 

By creating a profile, your experience can be shared to inspire the next generation of students and alumni.

Create your profile in Bristol Connects.

Help prospective students online

If you have graduated within the last five years, you can offer advice to Bristol offer holders as an online Study Expert. 

Talk to prospective students about life in Bristol, your course and how your time at Bristol has had an impact on your career. Your advice will be invaluable to prospective students as they make higher education decisions. 

Volunteering is completely flexible and online, so you can help wherever you are in the world. Prospective students will be able to use the platform to send you questions. 

Log into Bristol Connects and there will be an option to activate a 'Study Expert' profile.

Read our guidance for Study Experts and offer holders.

If you are a recent graduate and want to share your experience with prospective students, you may like to volunteer to represent Bristol at an event.

For a prospective student, hearing from a recent graduate is invaluable in making what is a life-changing decision. You'll share your memories, stories and experience, and answer any questions they may have about life at Bristol and what it's like to be a Bristol graduate.

Email and let us know in which city and country you could attend events.

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