Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences

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Name Profession Qualifications
Professor Richard Cogdell FRS Hooker Professor of Botany, University of Glasgow. Awarded the FRS for his research into the early events of photosynthesis. BSc Biochemistry 1970, PhD Biochemistry 1973
Hugh Cornwell Former guitarist and singer-songwriter with the Stranglers, who enjoyed 10 hit albums and 21 top forty singles. Hugh has also released several solo albums. BSc Biochemistry 1971
Dr Alan Kelly MRCVS University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's longest-serving Dean (1993-2005). BVSc 1962
Professor Michael Malim FRS Professor and Head, Department of Infectious Diseases, King’s College London School of Medicine. Awarded the FRS for "his important contributions to our understanding of the molecular biology of HIV." BSc Biochemistry 1984
Professor George Poste CBE FRS Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Technology Networks. Professor Poste was President of Research and Development and Chief Science and Technology Officer for SmithKline Beecham from 1992-1999. BVSc 1966, PhD Virology 1969, Honorary LLD 1996
Dr Debby Reynolds CB Former Chief Veterinary Officer and former Veterinary Director of the Food Standards Agency. BVSc 1975
Professor Christopher Stringer FRS Research Leader in Human Origins, Natural History Museum. Awarded the FRS for "his central role in developing and testing the 'Out of Africa' model for modern human origins". He also pioneered the application to palaeoanthropology of multivariate and cladistic analyses, and new physical dating techniques. PhD Anatomical Science 1973, DSc Anatomical Science 1999, Honorary LLD 2000
Dr Alastair Summerlee President of the University of Guelph. Dr Summerlee has been recognized nationally and internationally for his scholarship and publications in the biomedical sciences as well as his exceptional teaching abilities. BVSc 1977, PhD Veterinary Science 1981, Hon LLD 2004  
Dr Dale Wigley FRS Principal Scientist, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. PhD Biochemistry 1988

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