How to...

...get into HELLO!

Roger WilliamsJuly 2010

Our insider: Roger Williams (BA 1988) Circulation Director, HELLO! magazine

There are essentially three ways to ‘get into HELLO!’. Firstly you can simply buy a copy each week, read it, enjoy it, and really feel that you are ‘into it’. Secondly, you can become famous. You could marry someone famous, be seen with someone famous, design something for someone famous, do something slightly silly with someone famous, or even become famous for being famous. Finally, you could apply for a job at HELLO! and be on the inside.

Option 1

Reading HELLO! requires the ability to be able to be amazed by the varied and almost limitless ways in which members of the royal families of Europe, high society circles, A-List celebrity circuits and the people who become famous servicing all the above, can tell you their stories from the comfort of their own home, yacht, hotel chain, skiing holiday or luxury holiday getaway. Take all this onboard and you will certainly have made the leap into the world of HELLO!

Option 2

You have to avoid certain areas of fame. TV reality show fame is not going to get you anywhere near the hallowed pages edged in red and blue. Neither is being married to, dating, or having a fling with a sports person any less than a top golfer, yachtsman or polo player, even if they have an OBE. HELLO! both chooses and is chosen and the final decisions lie in the heart of the editorial bunkers in both London and Madrid.

Option 3

You need to understand that it is all about Royalty, Society and Celebrity. Weddings, births, anniversaries and ‘at home interviews’ are the cornerstones of the brand. You will also need patience, endless patience and a requirement to understand that what works in the UK may not work in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, or any of the other 61 countries that HELLO! goes to each week. Good Luck!

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