Your career

It's more crucial than ever to make sure you receive the right career advice, both as a student and after you graduate. 

You'll have many opportunities to meet Bristol alumni while you're a student, as Bristol graduates often return to share their experiences.

Through mentoring, networking sessions and fully supported internships, you'll gain insight into different careers, and benefit from practical help and advice on enhancing your own career prospects.

Fast-track your career

You can register with the University Careers Service for free, for up to three years after you graduate. You'll be able to:

Later in your career, you may also be interested in using the Careers Service to help you:

You'll also find lots of careers guidance, information and advice from experts on the Careers Service blog.

Stay networked

Bristol has a global network of 160,000 alumni in 179 countries. It's a goldmine of talent and experience that will bring you invaluable career and social benefits throughout your studies, your career, and later life.

Our active alumni LinkedIn group has more than 19,000 members working in a wide range of sectors. As a Bristol graduate, you'll be able to access advice and support from like-minded professionals, share your own knowledge and experience, and learn about possible career opportunities.

Keep learning 

Are you looking for that extra competitive edge when applying for jobs? Do you want to stand out from the crowd or gain extra skills?  Bristol’s postgraduate alumni  are highly attractive to employers and our employment record is among the best in the UK. Many major organisations have strong links with the Careers Service and often recruit postgraduates directly from campus. There is a variety of choice, with more than 180 postgraduate programmes on offer in our postgraduate prospectus.