International students

The University of Bristol is committed to helping international students enjoy their time here as fully as possible. We provide opportunities for you to participate in all aspects of student life and a chance to explore many different cultures. For that reason we offer international students places throughout our residences and with other UK and EU students.

To help you choose your accommodation we provide information on the residences, their locations, facilities and the lifestyle they offer on our residences pages. Please read this carefully before you start an online application. If you have any questions please contact us.

When to apply for accommodation

If you have firmly accepted your offer of study at Bristol you are eligible to apply in the first round of accommodation applications.  You will be able to register on our application system from 4 May 2020, and can complete the full accommodation application from Monday 1 June. Applications will close at midnight on Friday 17th July. If you do not submit your application in this timeframe, you will not be guaranteed an offer of accommodation and will need to apply as a non-guaranteed applicant in the second round of applications which open on 14 August. Please see our accommodation guarantee page for more details

See our guaranteed applicant timeline for details of the stages of the application process. 

When you'll receive an accommodation offer

Guaranteed applicants will receive an email on the 20th of August with a link for you to log in to the accommodation portal and access details of your offer.  All rooms are allocated when the offers are made, there are no rooms left for moving people or changing rooms at this stage. Please note the following important information about your offer:

    • We will only make you one offer.
    • You need to formally accept your offer via your portal by 24 August.

Check your offer email carefully. If you miss the acceptance deadline you will lose your room and we may not be able to offer you another. You don't need to pay any accommodation fees at this stage, as long as you have accepted your offer of accommodation you will receive an invoice after you have fully registered at University. 

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