Churchill Hall temporary shares

Why have I been offered a temporary shared room?

The University’s residence at Colston Street is being rebuilt. The plan was for it to be ready for the start of the 2017 Autumn term but very unfortunately the completion date has been delayed by a few weeks. Therefore we have to house the Colston Street students somewhere else for a short while until they can move into their residence. Churchill hall has some larger than average rooms that can take bunk beds so we have doubled up on those rooms.

Why was I selected?

The selection for temporary shares was random but based on your preferences.

What will be in the room?

The room will contain one set of bunk beds a desk and chair, a second chair, hanging space, a bookshelf, drawers and under bed storage. You will need to sort out sharing the space with your room mate. If you have any problems with this, your senior resident will be on hand to help.

What should I bring?

The University will provide bedding for the bunk beds, you will need to buy bedding when you get your permanent room but best not to bring this, buy it when you move.

If you can then the best thing will be to travel light and then get any extra stuff you need or maybe ask someone to bring the rest of your stuff to Bristol when you move into your permanent room.

How long until I move into my permanent room?

The latest information we have from the contractors is that Colston Street will be ready by the middle of November at the latest.  If this changes we will let you know.

Will I stay in Churchill or move to Colston Street?

If you had Churchill as one of your preferences or you said you preferred catered accommodation you will almost certainly be staying in Churchill, otherwise you will be moving to Colston Street. We will confirm this to you when you arrive.

What will Colston Street be like?

Colston Street will have 112 ensuite rooms arranged in flats of 8 to 12 with big kitchen diners. There is social and study space on the ground floor. You can see images of the residence under construction on the Colston Street residence page. Before you move you will have a chance to say which size of room you prefer and whether you want to share a flat with any new friends you have made. 

Who will I be sharing with?

You will be most likely to be sharing with someone who had the same preference. So for example if you chose Churchill your room mate will have chosen Churchill, if you chose self catered en suite you and your room mate will be going to Colston Street.

What if I don’t get on with my sharer?

You can speak to your Student Support Adviser at your residence or to the Accommodation Office. We will provide help and support, and if necessary can increase your priority on the waiting list if a share really isn’t working out.

What rent will I be paying?

You will be paying a discounted rent of only £66.13 per week, inclusive of all bills and breakfast and evening meal each weekday with breakfast/brunch at weekends. Your rent will be adjusted to the normal rent for your room when you move

Do I have to move from my shared room?

Once a single room is available you will probably want to move. However if you and your room mate want to continue sharing you will be able to. Your rent will increase to half of the basic room rent plus the catering cost for each of you £119.09

A bunk bed room in Churchill Hall

Advice on sharing from the SU

Read the Student's Union Officer Blog on being a temporary sharer for top tips on making your share work. 

A bunk bed room in Churchill Hall
A bunk bed room in Churchill Hall
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