Request a repair or replacement item in your University owned residence

If you need a repair to your university owned accommodation, or something needs replacing, please complete the repair reporting form available from your residence guide. Please be sure to use the right form for your residence and fill in all the information asked for, this will help us arrange your repair or replacement as quickly as possible.

Students living in our partnership proerties, Unite House, Orchard Heights, The Courtrooms, New Bridewell, Waverley House, The Rackhay, Favell House, Deans Court, Chantry Court or Woodland Court will report directly to their residence, details of how to do this are available in your residence guide.

Please note that submitting these forms counts as formal notice that we will come to your accommodation to carry out the repair or replace the item. We will not give you any further notice. You must use the form to request a repair or a replacement item. Making a request in any other way will mean it isn't registered on our system and the request may not be carried out.

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