Covid-19 and 21/22 tenancies

For students joining the University in September 2021, we understand you will have a lot of questions about what impact Covid-19 will have on your living experience. 

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When we make you an offer for accommodation, if you do not arrive in Bristol until after your tenancy start date in September, you will either need to cancel your accommodation offer or, if you want us to continue holding your room for you into the start of term, you will be liable for the rent on the room from your tenancy start date. Ensure you have read and fully understand the cancellation policy for undergraduates or postgraduates for more information.


For students travelling from overseas, you will be required to follow the Government guidelines in place at the time of your arrival in the UK. For further information on this please see the central information on support for international students travelling to Bristol this September. For students quarantining in residences, quarantine packs will be provided, these are free of charge and yours to keep. Please note that you will not be able to move in earlier than your tenancy start date to begin your quarantine period. This means that if you are arriving in the UK before your tenancy start date, you will have to arrange to spend the full isolation period somewhere suitable, such as a hotel, and move into your residence after your quarantine period has ended. Rent on your room will remain payable from the tenancy start date.


When you move in with us, you will be part of a Household. We'll share with you before you arrive who you'll be living with. If any Government restrictions were to come into place during your time living in residence, you and all members of your Household will be able to understand how these apply to you. 

Tenancy implications

It's important to note that your tenancy agreement with the University is for a fixed term. This means you will be liable for rent for the full term of the policy, so if you decide to move out, you will still have to pay your rent either until the tenancy end date or until a replacement tenant can be found. It is always important for students to understand their tenancy terms but during Covid it is more important than ever.


When planning to live with us in University-allocated accommodation this September, you should understand that we consider it likely, despite the progress made in the UK in the route out of lockdown, that you will need to self-isolate at some point, for example if a member of your Household tests-positive for Covid-19.

Self-isolation is hard on everyone who experiences it, and it can be particularly challenging for students living away from home in a residence. If you do need to isolate, the University will provide food boxes and contact you to offer support and our Residential Life teams will be on hand to offer you support during this time.

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