Guide to community living

Moving out of University accommodation and into your first shared house or flat is an exciting time. Along with more independence you will gain other responsibilities, not just for paying the rent and bills, but also towards the people living around you.

Whilst the vast majority of students and non-student residents live in harmony, lifestyle differences can cause distress and conflict. Things that may not seem important to you can be a major source of irritation and upset to non-student residents. The most common complaints about students received by the University involve:

  • excessive noise (day or night),
  • anti-social behaviour,
  • inconsiderate parking,
  • rubbish not put out on collection day or bins left out permanently that obstruct access.

The University is committed to responding to concerns in the community about student behaviour and aims to encourage high standards of conduct. Student rules and regulations include a disciplinary procedure for student misconduct in the community.

How to be a good neighbour