Community fund

The Community Fund offers grants of up to £250 to support initiatives that promote good relations and engagement between students and the local community. From community curry nights to neighbourhood clean-ups and street parties - the aim of the fund is to make the student population feel part of the community.

How to apply

The fund is open to applications from both students and local residents.

To apply, please complete and return this application form (Office document, 38kB)

What we ask in return

We ask for feedback from all funded initiatives to help demonstrate and promote positive community engagement across Bristol. We provide a report template (Office document, 313kB) with suggestions for content.

Photos really bring a report to life but in order to publish them we need consent. There are two ways to ensure consent:

For an event in an enclosed venue; display and make people aware of this consent notice (Office document, 11kB).

When approaching individuals to request a photo ask them to complete this consent form (Office document, 61kB) and submit along with the report.

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