Summary of regulatory changes and/or additions for 2021/22

Section  no




2.1.2, 9.3.2 & 9.5.5

School PGR Director role in the examination process

The formal School responsibilities in the examination process have been formally transferred from the Head of School to the School PGR Director.


3, 43, 54


4.3.1, 6.4.1, 6.4.2 & 9.2.2

Final submission date

The term ‘final submission date’ has been adopted and its relationship to suspensions and extensions has been set out.

12, 31, 32, 39


4.3.2, 6.4.3 & 6.4.4

Suspensions, extensions, and the maximum completion period

The requirement for Faculty PGR Directors to take the maximum completion period into account when approving requests for suspensions and extensions has been explicitly articulated.


13, 33



Main supervisors and supervisory teams

Revised regulation clarifies that the main supervisor is responsible for regulatory and procedural elements of supervision but that the key intellectual input may be provided by another member of the supervisory team.





Annual progress reviews

School PGR Directors will evaluate annual progress reviews, replacing the role previously undertaken by Faculty PGR Directors, but significant concerns can by escalated to Faculty PGR Directors. In addition, the requirement to submit to Turnitin as part of the annual progress review has been revised so at least one substantial piece of writing in years one to three must be submitted to Turnitin with the result discussed with the annual progress review panel.





 9.2 & Annex 8

Academic integrity and plagiarism reviews

The plagiarism procedure has been enhanced to provide more information and has been extended to include other transgressions in academic integrity.


37, 89

9.2.3 & Annex 4

Electronic submissions for examination

Submission for examination has changed from physical to electronic form. Students must submit a pdf version of their dissertation.


39, 81

9.4.8 & Annex 6

Online oral examinations

Revised regulation permits online oral examinations as a standard option rather than as an exception.


49, 85



Corrections, the internal examiner, and the Independent Chair

Revised regulation clarifies that the internal examiner (or the Independent Chair if there is no internal examiner) is responsible for notifying the candidate and the Academic Quality and Policy Office when corrections have been satisfactorily completed.




Annex 17

Covid-19 statements in dissertations

The policy on the inclusion of Covid-19 statements in dissertations has been extended to cover all research students who were registered during any period where Covid-19 restrictions were in place. Resubmissions have also been added explicitly to the policy.




Annex 19

Failure to complete assessment for research degrees

New annex on awards where a candidate is prevented by illness or other substantial cause from completing their dissertation and/or examination. This information was previously held as part of Ordinance 18.




Annex 20

Regulations for Higher Doctorates

New annex on applications and examinations for Higher Doctorates. This information was previously held alongside the Ordinances.