The PGR Code consists of:

1 Introduction

2 Institutional arrangements (Governance framework / Academic standards / Academic integrity / Maintaining and improving the quality of research programmes / Regulations for research degrees / Monitoring of research degree programmes against indicators and targets)

3 The research environment

4 Admission and induction of students (Admissions / Registration / Period of study / Attendance requirement / Induction / Student entitlements and responsibilities)

5 Supervision (The supervisory process  / Supervisors' knowledge, skills and responsibilities / Change of supervisor)

6 Progress and review arrangements (Student performance and progress monitoring / Annual progress review / Enhanced academic support / Interruptions and changes to study)

7 Development of research and other skills

8 Student representation

9 Assessment (The assessment process / Submission of the dissertation / Examiners / The oral examination / Assessment outcomes / Results)

10 Student appeals and complaints


Annex 1 Regulations for specific doctoral degrees   

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidature by dissertation / Candidature by published work

Doctor of Philosophy in Musical Composition (PhD in Musical Composition)

Engineering Doctorate (EngD)

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Doctor of Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)

Doctor of Social Science (DSocSci) and Doctor of Education (EdD)

Annex 2 Regulations for Masters degrees by research

Annex 3 Procedure for addressing unsatisfactory academic progress

Annex 4 Format of the dissertation for research degrees

Annex 5 Guidance on the integration of publications as chapters within the dissertation

Annex 6 Guidance for online oral examinations

Annex 7 Criteria for award of research degrees

Annex 8 Academic integrity and plagiarism reviews

Annex 9 Guidance for research degree examiners on what constitutes minor errors in a dissertation

Annex 10 The guidance from research degree examiners on corrections and resubmissions

Annex 11 Policy for research degrees by distance learning

Annex 12 The personal and professional development policy for research students

Annex 13 Policy on placements for research students

Annex 14 Policy for maternity, adoption, paternity and shared parental leave for research students

Annex 15 Medical absence policy for funded research students

Annex 16 Supporting research students: A guide for supervisors

Annex 17 Research degree dissertations and the impact of Covid-19 restrictions

Annex 18 Policy on postgraduate research students who teach

Annex 19 Failure to complete assessment for research degrees

Annex 20 Regulations for Higher Doctorates