University Graduate Studies Committee

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The University Graduate Studies Committee (UGSC) is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. 


The main purposes of the Committee are to:

  1. develop and maintain the strategic framework for postgraduate education across the University,
  2. monitor and assure the quality and standards of postgraduate education across the University.

Terms of reference

Advisory (to University Education Committee):

1. To advise University Education Committee on the development of postgraduate education across the University.

2. To make recommendations to University Education Committee in relation to all national and international issues relating to the postgraduate agenda.

Decision making (on behalf of the University Education Committee):

3. To be responsible for developing and maintaining postgraduate strategy and policy.

4. To monitor and be responsible for the quality and standards of postgraduate taught and research degrees and the quality of the postgraduate student experience.

5. To coordinate all activities related to postgraduate education within academic schools, support divisions, the Bristol Doctoral College, other University committees and the Students' Union.

6. To ensure alignment of the University's postgraduate policies and procedures with UK-wide frameworks and to monitor and oversee the implementation of the relevant internal postgraduate Codes of Practice.


7. To promote innovation through the identification and dissemination of good practice.

8. To ensure that the views of members' constituents are represented on the Committee and that pertinent information is fed back to those constituents. 


The membership of the Committee for 2016-17 is as follows:

In attendance:


The Chair (or nominee) and at least five other members of the Committee, to include three Faculty Education Directors.

Mode of operation

1. The Committee will normally meet monthly in term-time.

2. The Committee will normally report monthly to University Education Committee

3. The Committee’s annual schedule of business will be identified at the start of each academic year.  Additional items of work are subject to annual negotiation with the Chair of the University Education Committee.


The Postgraduate Researcher Development Committee reports to University Graduate Studies Committee.

Meeting dates

University Graduate Studies Committee reports to University Education Committee so the meetings are scheduled to enable this. The scheduled dates for 2016/17 are as follows:

The scheduled dates for 2017/18 are as follows:

University Graduate Studies Committee reporting schedule 2016/17
Paper deadline for University Graduate Studies CommitteeUniversity Graduate Studies Committee meeting dateUniversity Education Committee meeting date
 Monday 26 September Wednesday 5 October  Wednesday 19 October
 Monday 24 October Wednesday 2 November  Wednesday 30 November
 Monday 5 December Wednesday 14 December  Wednesday 18 January
 Monday 23 January Wednesday 1 February  Wednesday 8 March
 Monday 13 March Wednesday 22 March  Wednesday 5 April
 Wednesday 12 April (due to bank holiday) Wednesday 26 April  Wednesday 10 May
 Monday 15 May Wednesday 24 May  Wednesday 28 June

Agenda and Minutes 

The agendas and minutes of University Graduate Studies Committee meetings are available for download (UoB only).