Educational Partnership Evaluation Group

Terms of reference

Purpose of the committee/group:

• to review and revise the regulations and policy for the management of educational partnerships;

• to implement the associated University-level approval and review processes for educational partnerships. 

Advisory to the University Academic Quality and Standards Committee):

• To review the Regulations and Code of Practice and Policy Framework for Educational Collaborative Arrangements, recommending any appropriate changes to UAQSC and Education Committee.

• To have oversight of the University’s Partnerships Register as maintained by the Academic Quality and Policy Office (AQPO).

• To embed policy and processes for educational partnerships effectively within the overall educational governance of the University, and to make recommendations as required concerning the provision of resources to ensure the effective management of educational partnerships.

Decision making (on behalf of the University Academic Quality and Standards Committee):

To consider medium/high risk proposals for new educational collaborative arrangements, including: to stipulate additional due diligence requirements; to make a strategic approval recommendation regarding the proposal; to report the outcome to UAQSC.

• To consider proposals to renew existing educational collaborative arrangements and oversee the associated periodic review process for these arrangements and to report the outcome to UAQSC.

Reporting line

The University Educational Partnership Evaluation Group is a standing group reporting to the University Education Committee via the University Academic Quality and Standards Committee (UAQSC).

Membership 2020-21

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor [Chair] - Dr Kate Whittington
Academic Quality Manager - Mike White
Faculty Education Director (UG) - Vacancy
Faculty PGR Director (Science) - Professor Carl Dettman

Faculty Education Director (PGT and PGR) - Professor Nicholas Howden

Head of International Partnerships and Relations - Lorna Cuckow 
Department Academic Representative (Aerospace Engineering) - Dr Arthur Richards
School Academic Representative (Biochemistry) - Professor Leo Brady
Faculty Education Manager (Life Sciences) - Abi Stickland
Faculty Education Manager (Science) - Dr Mora McCallum
Bristol Doctoral College representative (Director or Manager) - Kevin Higgins
Faculty International Director - Ian Wei
School Academic Representative (Education) - Professor Bruce Macfarlane
Quality Assurance Officer, AQPO - Georgia Terry                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) will be invited to attend meetings depending on the agenda. Other internal assistance (e.g. from the Secretary’s Office, Planning Office, Finance Services, RED) and external advice and expertise will be sought as and when required.

The Chair has authority to take decisions relating to the Group’s business between meetings where required.


The Chair and at least five other members of the Group.