University Education Strategy

Education Strategy 2010-16: Learning in Partnership (PDF, 431kB)

Development of the University Education Strategy - Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) and the members of Education Committee have worked on revising the Education Strategy during 2009-10.   Based on the University Vision and Strategy 2009-16 and taking the priorities for Education and the Student Experience and Our Students, a revised Strategy has been developed.  After consultation in faculties and with the student representatives, the Strategy was discussed at Senate.  This final version was presented and approved by Council in July 2010. 

Education Strategy 2012 (PDF, 21kB)

Professor Nick Lieven, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) and members of Education Committee reviewed the Education Strategy at an Away Day in October 2011.  Taking account of the existing Strategy and the University Vision, a shorter one page summary strategy was produced.

Education Strategy (PDF, 125kB) version 2

The University's Education Strategy was revised during 2007-2008 as part of an on-going review of the objectives and actions from the Strategy and approved by Senate in May 2008.  Professor Avril Waterman-Pearson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) and the Education Committee revised the Strategy, building on what had already been achieved and areas of work still to be established.  The revised Strategy was mapped to the Learning and Teaching Strategy 2002-2005 and clearly incorporated this.   Education Committee continued to monitor and review the Strategy.

Education Strategy (PDF, 108kB) version 1

The University’s first Education Strategy was approved by Council on 19th March 2004. The Strategy, developed by a Working Group chaired by Professor Patricia Broadfoot, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), was the outcome of a wide consultation process across the University. Together with other strategies, the Education Strategy supported the University Plan and Vision. It was student-centred and was devised with the student experience in mind. Two Union Presidents consecutively contributed to the working group, to help ensure that this was the case.