University Education Strategy

The new Education Strategy (2017-2023) was approved by Senate in February 2017. The Education Strategy is based on the University Strategic Plan Our Vision Our Strategy.  It continues to focus on our aim to provide an education that is research-rich, innovative and inclusive. The following ambitious Priorities will allow us to deliver our vision. 

Priority 1 Recruit and retain academically gifted and highly motivated students from a range of backgrounds, and create inclusive learning communities, equally supportive of all students.

Priority 2 Provide an education that is research-rich, innovative and with course design and assessment practices that challenge our students and so empower them to achieve their full potential.

Priority 3 Design, develop and deliver a ‘Bristol Futures’ curriculum that will ensure all students acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to equip them for success within a rapidly changing world of work.

Priority 4 Provide personalised support for students’ learning, enabling all students to proactively manage their health and wellbeing, and develop the attributes needed to make the most of their university experience.

Priority 5 To provide an outstanding physical and digital environment that supports student learning and teaching excellence.

Priority 6 Foster an institutional culture that values teaching and research equally and embeds institutional mechanisms that facilitate, recognise and reward excellent teaching, while providing effective and enabling structures that support educational enhancement.

For 2017/18 five prioritised actions reflect our focus on student welfare and the student experience here at Bristol:

Action 2.3 We will embed assessment for learning, as articulated in our Institutional Principles for Assessment and Feedback in Taught Programmes across the institution such that a common approach to assessment is formed articulating the cyclical relationship between learning, assessment and feedback and improving students’ understanding of their learning experience.

Action 3.5 We will enhance the employability of our students by offering, in collaboration with the Students’ Union, a wide variety of opportunities (including specifically tailored courses delivered by the Careers Service and others) for students to acquire and develop skills to enhance their competitiveness in the world of work. In particular the Careers Service will work with Schools to develop tailored Employability Partnership Agreements to align with the profile and priorities of each School.

Action 4.1 We will work closely in partnership with our Students’ Union to support student wellbeing and the wider University experience for all of our students.  We will develop the quality and consistency of support available across schools, professional services and residences for student wellbeing, and personal and professional development.

Action 4.2 We will give students’ academic support to facilitate their success at the University, supporting transition to study at University and progress through their academic programmes. We will review the academic support offered within schools via the personal tutor /senior tutor system and develop enhanced [support] provision across all schools. We will improve the coordination and promote the development of our professional support services that support student learning with particular reference to the needs of specific groups (e.g. WP and international students).

Action 5.1 We will work to provide the best available learning environment in terms of teaching and learning spaces, laboratory and clinical spaces, as well as resources such as books and IT systems.