Access to examination scripts

Following a two-year pilot instigated in response to feedback from students that they would find this facility helpful, Senate agreed in October 2017 an institutional-level principle that undergraduate students should be able to access and view their exam scripts on request. This covers scripts emanating from, but not limited to, written, unseen examinations held in the University examination periods (i.e. January, Summer and August/September). This may be applied by schools for the January and Summer 2018 examination periods, where they are in a position to do so, but will be fully implemented for the 2018/19 academic year onwards.

The purpose of enabling students to access their exam script, as part of the feedback process, is to help them:

It is at a school’s discretion as to how the expectation is met and the provision is arranged. Additionally, it may not be appropriate or useful to students to provide access to scripts emanating from all forms of written examination; therefore, a school may identify and publicise those examinations where it would not be appropriate for students to view their scripts, providing the reasons why, if necessary. Please see the guidance for Organising student access to exam scripts (PDF, 414kB) for more information.

Furthermore, information for students on the scope of the provision, how it may be used as a means to reflect upon their work, and their responsibilities and the conditions for release is provided in information for undergraduate students on Requesting and using exam scripts (Office document, 62kB)‌.