Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


1.    These Regulations apply to the Pre-sessional Language Courses (PSLC) in the Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies. The courses are modular and the equivalent of level 3 in the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework.

2.    The PSLC has five different admission points. A student’s point of admission onto the courses will be determined by his or her English language competence. Competence will be determined through a Secure English Language Test.

3.    The number of units and credit points required to complete the course will depend upon the point at which the student is admitted. The course may only be studied on a full-time basis.

4.    In order to progress to a University of Bristol programme, a student must meet the conditions set out in his or her offer of admission to the programme.

5.    Students must achieve the pass mark (at least 40 out of 100) to gain credit for a unit. In order to complete the programme, students must acquire 120 credit points for the units specified by the programme.

6.    In order to progress to the final 10-week unit a student must achieve at least a mark of 60 in each unit in Teaching Block 2.

7.    One resit opportunity may be offered for a unit where a student fails to achieve the pass mark of 40 or the mark required for progression. Resit marks will be uncapped.

8.    Subject to 6. above, resits will be offered at a date directed by the Board of Examiners.