Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


Qualification for Entry

1. Candidates for the Graduate Diploma shall be holders of a degree (or other appropriate qualification) of any university (or other comparable institution) approved by the relevant Faculty Board.

Programme Requirements

2. The qualification for the award of the Graduate Diploma shall be the pursuance of a curriculum consisting of 120 credit points with at least 80 at level 6.

Period of Study

3. The period of study for the degree will be not less than one year of full time study or two years of part-time study, where permitted.


4. The pass mark for the Graduate Diploma is 50 out of 100.

5. For the Graduate Diploma in Economics, re-sit exams are not available, however, the relevant Board of Examiners will award credit to a student, despite failure to achieve a pass mark associated with taught unit(s) at the first attempt (i.e. a ‘compensated pass’), provided conditions (a)-(d) are satisfied.

a) The total of the units failed in the year of study does not exceed 20 credit points.

b) The relevant unit mark is within 45-49 out of 100 at the first attempt.

c) The student fulfils all other requirements for the award of credit, as stated in the programme and/or unit specification, such as:

d) The student satisfactorily completes any additional work deemed necessary, as determined by the relevant Board of Examiners, so as to enable the student to achieve the learning outcomes in the assessment(s) that they had failed.


6. The Graduate Diploma may be awarded with distinction where a student receives at least an average mark of 70 and where all units have been passed at the first attempt.

7. The Graduate Diploma may be awarded in subjects approved by Senate. The subjects available at present are: