Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


1. For the purposes of University Regulation the ‘Gateway’ programmes are non-modular. These regulations apply to the first year of study; the subsequent years of study are governed by the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes.

Period of Study

2. The normal period of study for the programme is six academic years and the maximum is eight years on a full-time basis. Within this, the normal period of study for the first year of the Gateway programme is one academic year and the maximum is two academic years on a full-time basis.

3. Students who have not passed all units within an academic year will be required to retake the year in its entirety in the next academic year. This is because, in non-modular professional programmes, the teaching and learning in a year of study is designed to be cohesive and complementary and students are required to demonstrate, and are subsequently judged upon, the ability to manage a workload at a standard appropriate to the time available; therefore a component part of the teaching is not assessed in isolation.

Transfer of Programme

4. Any request to transfer, in the first year of study, from one of the Gateway programmes to another must be made prior to the end of the first teaching block (see:


For progression from Year 1 to Year 2

5. A student must attain the pass mark in each and every unit (a mark of 50 out of 100, except Chemistry 1E which is 40 out of 100).

6. All units on the Gateway programme, including Year 1, are ‘must pass’. Students are not permitted to undertake a supplementary year due to academic failure.

7. The re-sit opportunities where the progression requirements are not met at the first attempt are:

8. A student who does not achieve the pass mark in one or more units at the second attempt will be required to withdraw from the programme.

9. Where a student achieves the pass mark in a unit at the second attempt, the recorded mark for the unit will be capped at the pass mark.

10. Students who fail to meet the requirements for progression, as outlined above, may be offered the opportunity to be admitted onto Year 1 of a suitable Bachelors biomedical science or science programme, subject to fulfilling the admissions criteria for the programme and there being a place available.

For progression in subsequent years

11. Progression to subsequent years of study of the programme is provided in the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes (‘Student progression and completion – in non-modular programmes’).

Fitness to practise

12. Students on a Gateway programme are subject to the University’s fitness-to-practise requirements.


13. A student who has successfully completed a Gateway programme will receive one of the following awards:

14. A student who has completed the first year of one of the Gateway programmes by passing all the requisite units, but does not proceed onto the next year of study, will be eligible for the award of a Certificate of Higher Education in Gateway to Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science.