Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


1. The programme shall extend over not less than 1 year of full-time study under the direction of the School of Professionals Complementary to Dentistry.

2. Candidates for the Diploma must at the time of entry upon the course have satisfied the Programme Director as to their suitability for the programme of study.

3. The failure of any student to attend regularly at classes and to submit prescribed work may lead to the student being required to withdraw from the programme. A student whose work during the first year fails to reach satisfactory standard may be refused admission to the second year of the programme.

4. The Diploma shall be awarded to candidates who satisfy the examiners in written examinations and in assessment of work produced throughout the period of the programme.

5. The Examination Regulations shall form part of these regulations.

6. The Final Examination

The Final examination consists of two parts:

The pass mark for each Part is 50%.

In order to be awarded the Diploma students must pass both Parts of the Final Examination.

Each Part comprises a knowledge-based assessment and a clinical assessment. The pass mark for each assessment is 50%.


5. A board of examiners will permit a student to pass a Part of the final examination by compensating a fail mark of 45-49% in the knowledge-based assessment on the basis that he or she has passed the corresponding clinical assessment with a mark of 55% or more at the first attempt. A knowledge-based assessment mark of less than 45% cannot be compensated and the student will fail that Part of the examination. Compensation is not permitted between Part 1 and Part 2 of the examination.

The Process for considering Candidate Performance

6. The External Examiner will be advised of candidates whose performance in the knowledge-based assessment has not reached a pass standard, prior to the clinical assessment.

In marking the performance of candidates in the clinical assessment, examiners will take into account that any Final clinical mark of less than 50% is a fail and cannot be adjusted by further examination. A mark of less than 50% awarded in the clinical assessment indicates that the examiners are of the opinion that the candidate should not pass the Examination, which will be ratified at the Examiners meeting.

The Examiners Meeting in the Final Examination

7. This meeting will take place as soon as possible after the conclusion of the clinical assessment. The purpose of the meeting is to agree the knowledge-based assessment marks awarded by the Internal Examiners and to confirm the clinical assessment marks. The Examiners should agree the Final marks and pass list. A review of the examination process and discussion of the performance of failing students will take place.

The Referred Candidate

8. Students who fail one or more Parts of the Final examination will be required to only resit the failed Part(s) of the examination as a second and final attempt. The mark for any Part of the final examination that is passed at the second attempt will be capped at 50%.

Students who fail the Final examination at the second and final attempt will be required to withdraw from the programme.