Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


The Diploma in Dental Hygiene (‘the Diploma’) will be subject to the General Regulations within the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes except in the case of the specific regulations below:

  1. In addition to those approved by Senate, to be eligible for admissions to the programme of study candidates must have obtained entrance qualifications acceptable to the General Dental Council.
  2. To be eligible for the award the Diploma students must successfully gain 240 credits with at least 80 at Level I (Intermediate). A total of 240 credit points must be achieved in order for candidates to be awarded the Diploma in Dental Hygiene.
  3. The Diploma in Dental Hygiene may be awarded with Distinction to candidates of special merit. These candidates must obtain a minimum of 65% in their end of first year examination and 75% or above in their final examination.
  4. Candidates who leave the programme before sitting the final Diploma and have gained 120 credit points from modules passed will be awarded a Certificate in Higher Education in Dentistry.
  5. The normal length of the programme will be 21 months of full time study or equivalent. The maximum length of enrolment for the award is 39 months.
  6. Candidates who fail to satisfy the examiners in a key unit of assessment shall be permitted to re-present the failed work or to present themselves for re-examination on one further occasion only at one time specified by the examiners. Key units are defined as the end of first year examination and the Project module.
  7. Candidates may not proceed to the second year of study carrying a fail mark in any key unit. Candidates must pass specified units before proceeding to other specified units; as specified in the programme specification.
  8. The Examination Regulations shall form part of these regulations.