Annex 2: Regulations for Specific Programmes


1. For the purpose of these regulations ‘the University’ shall include those hospitals and outreach practices that the University may use regularly or occasionally.

Programme Structure

2. The curriculum of the BDS programme shall extend over not less than five years from the commencement of professional study in the University or other institution approved for that purpose by the University. The next year shall not normally be entered upon until that which precedes it has been successfully completed.

3. The curriculum will be divided into 5 years each of which will comprise a number of units or elements as shall be determined by the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students will be admitted to units or elements only at the beginning of those units or elements. Students must attend the units or elements in the prescribed order and in the years of the curriculum in which they are scheduled. Students may not take courses elsewhere in place of units or elements provided unless approved by the University.

BDS examinations

4. The examination in each year will comprise a range of assessments, and shall cover those units or elements studied during the year. The Board of Examiners will determine whether a candidate has satisfactorily completed a unit or element for the purpose of proceeding to the next year of the curriculum.

5. The failure of any student to show satisfactory progress in a unit or element of the BDS programme or to attend regularly any prescribed activity (including such lectures, discussion periods, tutorial and practical classes, clinical commitments, as may be required) or to undertake prescribed written or other work or to attend any examination or to reach a satisfactory standard in any terminal, sessional or degree examination, or any part or parts thereof, shall be reported to the Board of the Faculty which may, if it thinks fit, require the student concerned to repeat a unit or element or to re-sit an examination or to withdraw from the BDS programme. The exact requirements for progression from year to year are provided in the University’s Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and in the Standing Orders for the programme.

Degree with Distinction or Merit

6. The degree classification of a student shall be awarded in accordance with the regulations set out in the University’s Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes.

The Degree of BSc

7. The unclassified degree of Bachelor of Science in the Science of Dentistry may be awarded at the discretion of the Faculty Board. The BSc will only be obtainable by a student registered for the BDS programme who has passed year 1, year 2 and year 3, but who chooses to leave or is required to leave the programme after this point.

Certificate and Diploma of Higher Education

8. A candidate who has satisfactorily completed year 1 of the BDS Degree, but who either does not proceed or does not complete year 2 satisfactorily, may be awarded the Certificate of Higher Education. Similarly, a candidate who has completed year 2 of the BDS degree satisfactorily, but who either does not proceed nor does not complete year 3 satisfactorily, may be awarded the Diploma of Higher Education.