Submitting your proposal in the UPMS

Submitting your proposal in UPMS

Once you have provided all the documentation required and/or completed any edits needed to structures, ILOs, etc., you will need to submit your proposal in UPMS so that it enters into the workflow of committees and approvals. The proposal up to this point is no more than a folder in which you have been saving your work. Before submitting your proposal you will need to complete approval information which differs according to the nature of the changes you are proposing.

The UPMS will monitor the progress of your proposal through the workflow which you can check at any time.

In the navigation bar to the left select My Proposals, then click on the proposal name you wish to view or track, then again in the left hand navigation bar click on Workflow Details. You can see how far through the process your proposal has progressed and what approvals may be outstanding. Enquiries about when your proposal will be reviewed by a Committee should be addressed to the relevant Committee Secretary or your own School Office.

All proposals which require approval have to be reviewed by the relevant School and Faculty Committees. Once your proposal is submitted to the workflow, Committee Secretaries are able to schedule it for consideration at the next meeting of that particular committee. Afterward the Secretary will record the Committee’s decision in the tool. For low risk changes this process will stop at Faculty (which has devolved responsibility for quality assurance and “vetting” all proposals).

Sometimes your proposal may be approved with conditions. If this happens, the UPMS will automatically send you an email which contains details of the conditions. This approval with conditions status allows you to get back into your proposal to make the changes/edits specified. When you have met the conditions, you need to let the Committee Secretary know, and the proposal can be reconsidered for approval. Please note that once a proposal has been submitted it is no longer possible for you to edit it (unless it has been approved with conditions by a committee).

Proposals for new programmes and high risk changes which are approved by Faculty are considered at Education Committee for final approval before being presented at Senate and Council.